Technical patch №7


Fixed issues:

1) Fixed all the remaining causes of the "Not Authorized" issue, which didn't allow some players to enter the game. It will bother you no more :)

2) Fixed all the issues related to the bridges in the game. Now the look and operate correctly.

3) Improved tutorial:
- When you are entering your second battle in tutorial, the reserve panel will be highlighted to draw your attention to it.
- Now if you press "Enter the battle" without any troops in attack group, a pop-up will be shown, which will tell you to move units from reserve pool to attack group using drag and drop or with LMB.

4) Loading time (of the game itself and a number of missions) has been slightly reduced.

5) Fixed a bug in "Attack on the garrison" mission. You were able to take tanks to the mission on the mission screen, but after loading the mission they were all gone. Now you are not able to take tanks with you, as it was supposed to be, and with infantry units only in attack, the mission starts out correctly.