New achievements added!


Changes in the game:

1) Added a few new german infantry units.
2) Added a brand new sound track on the rewards screen.
3) 15 new achievements (on Steam only) added!


Fixed issues:

1) Fixed Not Authorized issue which did not allow a number of players to enter the game.
2) Fixed a number of issues connected to receiving achievements. Now you will be awarded with the correct ones.
3) Fixed several bugs in the research branches, including issues connected to applying the research bonuses to the units.
4) Fixed a visual error, which occured when you loaded the game and the icon of debuff did not disappear even though the debuff was no longer active in reality.
5) Fixed an issue which happened in several missions when you loaded the game and your vehicles were able to move through the antitank hedgehogs.
6) Corrected front lines on the 3rd era on USSR faction.
7) The screen of choosing fights' with Boris difficulty in tutorial was redone.