Awards for those, who arrived at the frontline!


Good day to you, officers!
Thank you for your active feedback on our release update!
Many of you are worried about restoring your previous game progress back after the wipe, made on June 1st. We've decided to help you out on this journey to glory and announce our first post-release event!

To participate in the event, you simply need to enter the game on one of the following days: 2nd, 3rd or 4th of June. By doing so, you will receive a valuable amount of experience for 3 commanders: Rommel, Oktyabrsky and Freyberg, and a pack of units: 2 M3 Stuart, 2 T-70 and 2 Pz38.

Please take notice that you will receive the reward only on those factions you logged in with. So, if you want to reveice your reward for all the factions, you need to log in with every one of them: USSR, Allies, the Axis.

Rewards will be given to everyone after the 4th of June.

Good luck on the battlefields!